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    Block Drawing Machine


    Reel diameter(mm) φ600 φ560 φ400
    Incoming line intensity(mpa)   ≤1200  
    Draw passage 2-7 2-7 6-9
    max incoming dia(mm) 8 6.5 3.2
    min outgoing dia(mm) 3.5-2.0 3.0-2.0 1.6-0.8
    Drawing speed(m/s) 6-8 6-8 12-14
    Electrical power 30kw 22-30kw 11-15kw
    Transmiission system Strong group with the narrow V
    Strong group with the narrow V+Drawing machine hardened slowdown
    Strong group with the narrow V
    Speed way AC frequency converter AC frequency converter
    Control mode PLC control PLC control
    Setting out way Puts the coil Line-or-word round-the-line
    Recover of wire way The word round to trunk-line aircraft or unloading of aircraft The word round to line
    Main features Shields automatically open the slowdown parking; various fault information and process information display; sports information control
    Materials suitable for latin America Welding rod,wire(gas-wire,submergde arc welding wire,flux-cored wire);wire(high,medium and low-carbon wire,stainless steel wire,prestressed steel wire tire,hose wire,spring steel,steel cord,etc.);wires Lines(aluminum wire package,coppe,lvsi,etc.);alloy wire and other metal wire.
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